RLP Services, LLC.


RLP Services LLC has a wide range of services to better fit your needs. From erosion control, hydro-seeding, mine reclamation, dust control, RLP mulch logs, silt fence, tree protection, SWPPP compliance and inspections, straw blowing and quality rated workmanship, RLP Services LLC will get you set up with an affordable project from the start.

Erosion and Sediment Control: The Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and local governments are all developing even stricter codes concerning the control of erosion and sediment runoff. These codes are requiring anyone who disturbs the soil to minimize the possibility of runoff. As a practical matter, contractors could receive huge fines for not taking the prescribed measures to protect the environment and the water supply. By offering a broad range of erosion control such as erosion control blankets, bio-log and RLP mulch log placement, hydro-seeding, silt fence installation, and rain garden installation services, RLP Services LLC helps contractors, developers and mining facilities both protect the environment and save money in the long run.

Hydro-seeding: Hydro-seeding is a process where a seeded slurry mulch is mixed in a tank and sprayed on the ground to help minimize erosion control or just to make a new vegetation. Hydro-seeding is becoming more popular in the residential landscape world for new lawn applications. In just 28 days you could have a new thick lawn ready for show. RLP Services LLC can spray your new yard or project as a whole or just in spot treatments. Either way it's backed by our guaranteed limited warranty for up to 30 days.

Silt Fence: RLP Services LLC can install all types of silt fence. Silt fence is installed using a silt fence plow or hand dug to slice the fence into the ground. All fence is secured with wood or steel posts. Silt fence is used along the perimeter of a project to keep sediment on site. The fence slows water runoff while filtering the sediment. Silt fence can also be used as a construction limit barrier.

Rock Entrances: RLP Services LLC can install & maintain your 1" - 3" rock for your construction sites. Rock entrances are used to drive on to help clean tires of sediment while on the construction site. This will reduce the amount of sediment tracked on to the streets.

Catch Basin Inlet Protection: Storm drain inlet protections protect storm drains, pipes and storm water ponds from fugitive sediment from construction site runoff. RLP Services LLC will rent these devices and will install, maintain them, and remove them on your site.

Rain Gardens RLP Services LLC can install rain gardens for storm water runoff. These are flower beds that take storm water runoff from the streets or your gutters from your home. The rain gardens are installed to take the storm water runoff and hold the water for the flowers for moisture and to minimize the storm water running down the storm water drains and into the ditches.

Storm Water Sediment Pond Restoration: RLP Services LLC can restore / vegetate storm water ponds that are being filled up by sediment that is escaping construction sites or that is being tracked onto the streets from motorized vehicles. Storm water sediment is the leading cause of water pollution in the lakes and streams. Minimizing sediment that leaves the storm water ponds is crucial for the environment to keep our lakes and streams clean. RLP Services LLC will, landscape and re-vegetate around storm water retention ponds.

RLP Mulch Logs: RLP manufactures an erosion control log that can be used along the perimeter of your construction site. It is reusable, easy to install in the winter and cost effective. The logs are 14" x 10' fabric filled with wood-chips. RLP Mulch Logs are an approved BMP and is a good alternative to silt fence.

SWPPP Compliance & Inspections: EPA and MPCA regulators regulate the compliance of disturbed areas to ensure those areas have the proper erosion controls (BMP's) in place and inspections are being done every seven days or 1/2" of rain to satisfy the SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) noted in signed documents prior to construction start-up. RLP Services LLC can do the inspections to make sure your site is in compliance. We can also install any erosion control measures to get you back into compliance. All papers are noted and signed and put in a SWPPP box on the project property.

Dust Control: RLP Services LLC can help prevent fugitive dust from occurring on your mining property or construction site. We have various ways to suppress dust. Blowing straw & hydro-mulching.

Broadcast & Drill Seeding: Seed placement is accomplished by mechanically injecting the seed, fertilizer, and inocclant components into the soil surface at predetermined rates; after the preferred method of wetland mitigation projects it ensures excellent seed to soil contact and is closest to the natural re-seeding process especially for native species re-vegetation.

Straw Blowing: Straw Blowing is the most cost effective method to reduce soil erosion and sediment runoff on active and inactive construction or mine sites. This method provides a superior erosion control protection by limiting soil particle runoff from rainfall. Straw / hay is pneumatically applied at rates determined by site conditions. The straw / hay is sealed in-place using a tackifier or crimping machine to prevent the material from blowing away.